IMG_20141215_132654_1Hey or ‘hoi’ as the Dutch would say; not that I’m Dutch. I’m an Englishman by the name of Gary Patrick Brown who is hurtling towards forty, living and working in the wonderful city of Amsterdam in Oranjeland (not an official name of the Netherlands I should probably add).

I live with two cats – Klaus and Beatrix, named after Dutch royalty, although I couldn’t use the Dutch spelling of Claus as every time I see it, I just think of Father Christmas. I guess that’s my British side coming to the fore – and in seven days time, my partner Ken will be moving in. Eek! He doesn’t get a picture just yet though.

I’m about to embark (well, in five weeks) on a four-month sabbatical to South America and I thought it might be fun to write about the experience. Plus, my friends and family have demanded I keep them updated and this seemed like the easiest method to do so, as well as helping me while away the 14 hour truck journeys. If you like pretty pictures, or indeed videos of people eating weird things then stick around.

Seeing the world has always been a passion of mine, so I plan on uploading some of my previous overseas experiences, and I hope to continue updating the blog upon my return from my imminent travels, although be warned; those blog updates are likely to be heavily weighted in favour of cats, cycling, food and life à l’Orange.